We have unfortunately sold out of our cocktail collections temporarily. In the meantime please take a look at our sister brand, Blank Canvas Drinks, by clicking here.


Our attitude toward sustainability is one of taking the word at face value. If it is too expensive, too time consuming or too difficult, it is unlikely to be truly sustainable. We want to build this into our processes sensibly and be completely transparent about what we do and why. 

As your mother always told you, never leave an empty plate.

And as every good waiter knows, never waste a trip. We really try to get something out of everything we use in a way we can keep doing again and again. And we believe the best recycling is straightforward reuse. 

We have made every effort to ensure that our packaging is robust to make reusability a priority. There are two main schools of thought when it comes to sourcing and selection of packaging: one, prioritising the energy required in producing and recycling single use materials, and the other focusing on the overall life cycle of any individual product and attempting to get a much use from it as possible.

We are of the view that with the correct support and inspiration, a carefully crafted material can see an almost unlimited number of lives.



When selecting your cocktails, we want to give you the option of helping us see future uses for your bottles and caps.

If you wish to keep them, please do! But if you want to know they are being responsibly reused, simply select the option to send them back to us while adding your cocktails to the cart.

When we pack your order we will include a prepaid return label. All you need do is place your bottles back in the box we send them in (packed as carefully as you can to avoid breakage please), put your box back in your compostable mailer bag and seal this with the second eco glue strip.

Stick the return label on top of the original address and when convenient for you drop this to your closest mailing point.

Click here to find your nearest mailing point.


We would love to see how you reuse your bottles. If you share this with on social media using the hashtag #CCCSustainability, we would love to repost great inspiration for others.


We have been very careful to only work with suppliers who we trust to be honest with us about how they make their products and how they treat their staff. With the exception of Woodford Reserve in Kentucky all of our partners are based either in the UK or Europe. If you would like to know anything futher in particular please send us an email and we will pass this along.