What makes Charlie's Classic Cocktails different? 

We are the only cocktail delivery service offering classic cocktails made to original recipes with luxury spirits. All of our cocktails are ready to drink straight from chilled with no added ingredients necessary to preserve them. We provide high end cocktail bar drinks, including the aroma of the garnish with our unique spritzes, perfect dilution, free delivery on all of our products and an honest sustainability offering.

How does the subscription work?

Choose your box of cocktails and how many you want delivered each month (with discounts for larger boxes) and we will ship them to you door after each monthly billing date. You can log into your subscription on our website and pause or cancel your subscription whenever you need to. And if you want to get different drinks or rearrange your deliveries, just send an email and let us know.

What are the advantages of subscribing?

Besides cocktails being whisked to your door each month without you having to think about it, our subscribers will always get priority on shipping, new products and limited offers when we introduce limited edition cocktails. Also, the price you subscribe at is the price you always pay until you cancel.

How come there are just four classics?

We wanted to start simple to know we can get things right and just focus on four incredible drinks. A lot of time has gone into getting our recipes and ingredients just right and we want to build on this month by month offering by new drinks progressively. We also want feedback from you as to what you like most and what you want to see going forward.

What do I do if my drinks arrive damaged?

We will do everything we can to avoid this but if this unfortunately happens please email us a photo of your damaged drinks as soon as you can and we will fix this for you. 

What is that dark mist in my drinks?

Sometimes the Angostura bitters will separate in the old fashioned or Manhattan. This is just to do with different densities of the liquid. Give roll the bottle to mix back up and the drink is good to pour.

Are my drinks supposed to taste this dilute?

In a cocktail bar shaking or stirring dilutes and chills a drink. We bottle our drinks with dilution so all you need to do is chill in the fridge or freezer. Our drinks are all designed so you don't need ice with them once cold. If you do wish to add ice though to keep it chilled whilst drinking, make sure the cocktail bottle is cold first and preferably the glass too. Pouring a room temperature cocktail over ice will introduce additional dilution and make the drink taste watery.

How do I get in touch with you directly?

You can email us at info@charliesclassiccocktails.com and we will respond within twenty four hours. If you require an urgent response please put "URGENT" in the subject line and we will pick it up as soon as we can.

What's your favourite drink Charlie?

I love them all for different occasions, a negroni before dinner, an old fashioned as a night cap and a martini on a Wednesday (long story). But if you made me choose it would have to be the Manhattan, especially with Woodford Reserve.