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A very special gift to enjoy together this Father's Day, whether over a lazy summer evening, long weekend or savoured for special days. Experience six classic cocktails all beautifully presented in a hand crafted gift box.


Our limited edition gift set contains a pair of each of our favourite whisky cocktails, one for you and one for your dad. Complete with a handwritten gift note and beautiful presentation box, make this father's day one to remember together.

Discuss, tell stories, reminisce and spend some quality time with each other.


Every one of our presentation boxes will make an impact on first sight, and even more so when handing over. Constructed from pressed pulp and finished with hand lever foiling and tactile buckram wrap, our boxes securely house the luxury cocktails inside ready for a spectacular reveal.

Every box was built to last, but also built to return to nature, whether your preference is to re-use or to recycle once finished.

With all components produced by one bespoke box company in England, you can be secure in knowing quality is from right here at home.


With two bourbon and a scotch drink for each of you, this set of classic drinks encompasses the best of rich, sophisticated dark cocktails. Raise a glass together during a lazy evening, over a long weekend or savour as a treat over several weeks.


Though the origin of the first cocktail may be lost to the sands of time, recipes detailing spirits, sugar, water and bitters began to appear around 1800. By 1895, an "old fashioned whiskey cocktail" was being published in cocktail recipe books in America. We now may think of this as one of many cocktails, but centuries ago this was the original cocktail.

We keep ours incredibly simple, using one of the highest rated bourbons available, Woodford Reserve. And letting this shine with only enough demerara sugar, Angostura bitters and dilution to balance the drink.


First appearing at a British Industries Fair in 1937 New York, the drink was not widely popular until the 1960s when Frank Sinatra and The Rat Pack made it their drink of choice. The drink had several different names until the chairwoman of Drambuie herself declared the drink to be a Rusty Nail.

With Drambuie being an essential component, selection of the perfect whisky is vital. The Compass Box Glasgow Blend Scotch is an incredibly intricate whisky, with the perfect level of peat, making for an easily drinkable but increasingly complex cocktail.


Aka The greatest cocktail in the world. Likely the very first cocktail which used vermouth as a modifier, which was becoming popular with bartenders in America in the late 1800s. There is no definitive recording of the first Manhattan but the drink started appearing in recipes around the 1880s. Without the Manhattan we would not have the martinez and thus the martini. 

Woodford Reserve bourbon is perfect in this drink, using Martini Rosso so as not to overpower the whiskey and using Angostura bitters to balance the sweetness of the vermouth.